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About King 888
About King 888

Based in the independently-minded state of Nevada the King Triple Eight Manufacturing and Distribution Company is a reflection of the bigger-than-life environment in which we operate: Our business is built on beating the odds, is rich in natural resources - human in this case - and we're not afraid to challenge tradition now and then. Just like our hometown of Las Vegas, our company is fueled by entrepreneurship, a unique vision and a lot of hard work. We are a family owned and operated enterprise comprised of experienced professionals from the worlds of finance, brand licensing and beverage distribution. We believe passionately in our brand, and that belief is validated in the marketplace.

We're not a "lifestyle brand" - we're a brand for your life and your individual style. And despite our birth in the thirsty Nevada desert, products from King 888 are understood around the world. One sip of King 888 has the power to invoke instantaneous delight from consumers worldwide. From Amsterdam to Beijing, Dubai to Dallas, people dig King 888's knock-you-down delicious flavor, impressive package and timeless style.

Each product in our family has been thoughtfully developed, carefully formulated and vigorously tested. We don't throw things against the wall to see if they work. We work the old-fashioned way, relying on proven, established flavors, the best available quality ingredients, and total focus. We are an American company with global experience and an international outlook. We're not a fast company, we are a methodical company. Our management has been around the block and assumes the same of you. We are determined to express the best of Las Vegas in our products and to see them succeed as the most premium selection of beverage choices in the market.

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